Magnetic Reusable Whiteboard with Sticky Notes, Erasable Marker and Duster



This reusable magnetic white board allows you to brainstorm ideas and plans in an easy yet effective way. With its write-erase functionality, you can jot down thoughts and notes on its smooth white surface using the included erasable pen without worrying about making mistakes. When you’re done, simply erase your writing with the small duster. Convenient sticky notes are also provided to write down daily tasks and reminders. Best of all, the board magnetically attaches to any metallic surface so you can use it wherever inspiration strikes, like the fridge or home office wall. Lightweight and portable, it’s perfect for students, teachers and professionals to capture what’s on their minds while having the flexibility to change or remove content as needed. Ideal for scheduling, task lists, meal planning and more, this white board encourages creativity without waste – just write, erase, and write again.

  • Endlessly Erase and Rewrite: This magnetic whiteboard allows you to write, erase and rewrite on its smooth surface time and time again without wearing down.
  • Versatile Surface: The whiteboard easily adheres to any metallic surface like refrigerators, wall cabinets or vehicle dashboards so you can plan wherever is most convenient.
  • Convenient Accessories: An erasable sketch pen and small duster are included to help keep the board clean and notes neat without smudging or streaks.
  • Additional Notes: Sticky notes are also provided to easily jot down reminders, to-dos or other messages without having to use the main board.
  • Compact and Portable: The thin, lightweight design makes this magnetic white board simple to transport anywhere as needed without taking up much space.


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