Reusable Desk Film | 25cm x 30cm | Set of 4

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This reusable white desk film set includes 4 self-adhesive vinyl sheets that transform any smooth surface into an erasable whiteboard. Each 25cm x 30cm film has a premium white surface perfect for use with dry erase markers, allowing creative ideas and notes to be captured and changed easily. In the set, 2 of the films have subtle printed grids for neat organization while the other 2 maintain a clean plain design. Just roll each film onto your desk or other flat workspace and start writing – whatever you put down can then be wiped away, so you can continually reuse each film. Ideal for students, home offices, meeting rooms or anywhere impromptu brainstorming is needed, this write-erase-rewrite desk film set is a reusable and affordable solution.

  • REUSABLE DESIGN: These self-adhesive whiteboard desk films can be reused repeatedly, allowing you to wipe clean and start fresh.
  • MULTIPLE SURFACES: The premium vinyl material adheres easily to desks, cabinets, walls, and more, providing writing space wherever needed.
  • SIZE FOR ANY DESK: Measuring 25cm x 30cm, each desk film is the perfect size for taking notes or brainstorming at home or the office Versatile: Perfect for taking notes, practicing writing, drawing, or even playing games like tic-tac-toe.
  • WRITE AND ERASE FREELY: Thanks to the whiteboard material, you can jot down ideas and wipe them away to start fresh, making this an essential work from home accessory.

This reusable blackboard desk film set includes 4 self-adhesive vinyl films that transform any smooth surface into an interactive blackboard. Each 25cm x 30cm film has a premium blackboard finish that allows you to jot down notes, ideas, reminders and more using chalk (not included). 2 of the films have a printed grid design for neatly organizing your thoughts, while the other 2 remain plain for freeform brainstorming. Easily erase and reuse the films again and again. Provide creativity and productivity to any workspace by turning desks, walls, or cabinets into magnetic whiteboards. Great for students, teachers, entrepreneurs and more to capture inspiration wherever inspiration strikes.

  • REUSABLE DESIGN: These self-adhesive blackboard film sheets allow writing with chalk that can be easily erased and written on again and again without needing replacement.
  • VERSATILE FORMATTING: The set includes 2 printed sheets with calendar and notes sections as well as 2 plain black sheets for freeform writing or drawing.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE: Each blackboard film measures 25cm by 30cm to fit on most desktops or work surfaces for interactive note-taking or scheduling.
  • USER-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: The premium vinyl surface provides a smooth writing area that is easy to erase without damaging the sheets for ongoing reusable use.
  • NO-MESS APPLICATION: A simple peel and stick application allows putting the blackboard films on and removing them from non-porous surfaces without leaving residue for convenient portable use.

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