Reusable Posters | 30cm x 45cm | Set of 2

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This reusable blackboard poster set includes two 30cm x 45cm posters perfect for note taking, task lists, and reminders. Made from premium self-adhesive whiteboard vinyl, these posters allow you to write, erase, and rewrite messages as needed. In addition to the write-erase surfaces, the set also includes blackboard chalks and eraser wipes for easy cleaning. Subtle cut-out designs add visual interest while maintaining an uncluttered surface for composing your thoughts. Whether using them in the home office, classroom, or for collaboration at work, these reusable posters provide an innovative solution for capturing ideas that can be updated and revised as your needs change. The write-erase functionality ensures your messages are only temporary so the slates can be wiped clean for the next task.

  • REUSABLE DESIGN: Made from premium whiteboard self-adhesive vinyl film, these posters can be written on, erased, and written on again without limit for endless reuse.
  • CONVENIENT SET: Comes as a set of two 30cm x 45cm posters with whiteboard surfaces allowing notes, reminders or messages to be displayed in multiple locations.
  • CUSTOMIZED LOOK: Features additional plotter-cut designs on each poster for a customized aesthetic beyond a plain whiteboard.

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