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Nara Re-Usable Notebook gives you an innovative experience of writing. The Specialized pages give you a smooth writing experience with enhanced durability. This book is completely Tear and Water-proof and works like magic for a long period of time. You can write anything in this notebook using the Pilot FriXion pen provided with the book. You can scan and store your matter using any scanner app available on your smartphone and save it on the cloud on the server of your choice which guarantees data safety. Then rub it off with an eraser provided at the tip of the pen or use a wet damp cloth for ease. You get a fresh page to start over again. This book is designed for every person who writes, takes notes or scribbles; be it a student, an office goer, an artist, or your child who scribbles letters on a book. We provide a Pilot FriXion pen & a microfiber cloth along with each Nara ReUsable Notebook. Discover this new technology of writing with our advanced technology which saves paper and your notes all at once.

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