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How to track your habits in a notebook like a Pro.

Habit tracking is a general term used to describe the responsibility of keeping yourself accountable for tasks or objectives throughout the week or month. One of the most common mistakes people make while following habits are not keeping their progress correctly. That’s the reason they fail to stay focused. You can track down your progress in many ways, but recording whether or not you have started following the new habit is a crucial task. Writing helps improve your memory and grows stronger the more you write. We suggest using NARA Smart Reusable Notebooks to track all your new habits.

Changing your habits is a great way to bring about notable changes in your life that can lead to success and productivity growth. You will nurture your new habits faster through tracking, so you will want to do them more often. In the end, you may find tracking more fun and keep looking for more habits to master.

You might wonder how to get started. Here are some of the best habits to start tracking in a notebook.

Habit 1: Workouts

It’s tempting to choose to go to a gym or start working out as a new habit. Let’s say your goal is to build stronger core muscles, and you plan to achieve that by doing as many crunches and sit-ups as you can in 15 minutes every evening. It helps to have a progress tracker to note (a) whether you are doing it and (b) how many repetitions you were able to do. Write these exercises in the notebook and mark them every time you complete them. You can even add new exercises once you reach a certain point. After some time, you’ll be able to see how consistent you were and how drastically this new habit is helping you reach your goal.

Habit 2: Sleep

There’s no denying the importance of sleep in our daily lives. And there’s also no denying the beautiful feeling of waking up after a good sleep. But unfortunately, having a restless night of poor sleep bothers us from time to time. Using mobile phones too close to bedtime is an everyday habit that interferes with sleep. Use your notebook to replace the screen times and write down what activities you completed in a day. In the end, note down the lights off time. With this, you could track your sleep and work accordingly on your sleep cycle. Better Sleep, Better Life.

Habit 3: Water Intake

Tracking your daily water intake is advantageous for many types of users. By tracking daily water intake, both athletes and regular water drinkers would be able to ensure that they have hydrated their bodies sufficiently and have met their overall water intake goals. If drinking enough water is the most challenging task for you, you might want to keep track of it.

Use your smart notebook to create a daily water tracker, tick the box once you accomplish the required rate, and erase it off for using it again the next day.

These are just some of the many habits you can track on the NARA Smart Reusable Notebook. You can compose each page again and again, ensuring that you and your notebook are always ready to track your progress on your new habit. Nara Smart Notebooks are tree-free, waterproof, and tearproof. So you are automatically developing a new sustainability habit for a better tomorrow since it is 100% tree-free. We hope we have answered your most infamous question, “How to Track Your Habits,” in the best way possible.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.