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The Major Reason Why We Fail to achieve Our Goals

Being able to describe your goals in written form gives you the best chance of success. Research states that writing is necessary to help the human mind achieve its full potential. The written goals have a 42% higher probability of coming to fruition.

Now you might be wondering, “Oh, really? What if my goal is to “win the lottery”? To that end, we suggest you write it down, and you might end up like this guy!

Jokes aside, you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Writing down your goals will help you better understand what you want to accomplish in the near future, and guarantee that you are sincerely and mentally focused on achieving your objective. That’s why we’re here

Why should you jot down goals?

If you feel as if you are drifting in the ocean and don’t know which direction to go, it is time to set some goals. Goals will help you gain clarity and focus, transform your life, and make things happen.

You can create a plan of attack for achieving your goals, keep motivated, and stay focused by writing down your progress. In addition, writing down your goals will help you with productivity and progress in general. And finally, writing down your goals is a crucial first step toward achieving them. Setting goals is a powerful tool to set yourself up for success.

“A Dream written down with a date becomes a Goal.. ”

How can a small change make a great difference?

The problem is that only 20% of people describe their goals in written form, which means 80% of people don’t write down their goals and thus miss out on accomplishing their aspirations and goals that could completely change their lives for the better. Nara Smart Notebook understands the complexion of filtering a goal down to a single, unified idea.

That’s why we have designed smart templates for our NARA Smart Reusable Notebook. These templates include monthly, weekly, and daily planners to schedule your activities and track your journey towards goal accomplishment and the next steps you need to take to achieve it. In addition, we also have blank, dotted, grid, and lined pages to track any activity you wish.

“If you have a goal, write it down.” If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal – you have a wish” – Steve Maraboli.