Floral Fantasy



✅ Includes a Monthly Planner, Weekly Planner & a Daily Planner to make your life organized.

✅ Includes 10 Sides Blank, 12 Sides of Dotted Grid, 10 Sides Lined, 4 Sides Square Grids.

✅ The Notebook with a concept of Write-Scan-Erase-Reuse.

✅ Water & Tear-Proof: Nara Tree-free Notebook for your convenient writing, which is also Water and Tear-Proof. You can write endlessly and clean it off for repetitive usage.

✅ What’s in the box? : It includes 1 Nara Reusable Notebook, 2 NARA Erasable Pens for free, and also a microfiber cloth.

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Introducing our revolutionary notebook: the NARA Smart Reusable Notebook, now equipped with cutting-edge NFC technology. Get ready to raise your network gaming and leave a lasting impression with just a tap. This notebook is not just smart but environment-friendly as well. It is 100% tree-free, allowing you to take a step towards a better tomorrow with every use. Additionally, its waterproof and tearproof properties ensure durability, so you can confidently take it with you wherever your journey leads. All you need to do is Tap and Explore.

The NARA reusable notebook comes with two NARA Erasable pens and a microfiber cloth, which helps you write effortlessly and erase with ease. So be it a student or a professional, this reusable notebook and erasable pen suit you the best.

Looking for a smart notebook? Then you must try out the NARA Smart Reusable Notebook, the best smart NFC notebook available out there.


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